Triangle Tube INSFS155S Instinct Solo Boiler Floor Mount

Triangle Tube INSFS155S Instinct Solo Boiler Floor Mount

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Triangle tube's INSFS155S Instinct Solo Boiler Floor Mount (High-efficiency condensing boiler) is an all stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger. It can be cascaded up to six boilers and paired with Smart indirect tanks to provide an abundance of hot water. Instinct INSFS155S is a high-efficiency condensing boiler that is engineered with reliability in mind and allows for a quick: 60 second setup provided by CTRLMAX Control System-EZ Setup. This helps you to get the instinct boiler up and running fast. It has a 3-in-1 Universal vent adapter. It directly accepts PVC, Polypropylene, and Stainless Steel.


Performance Specifications of INSFS155S Instinct Solo Floor Mount:

FuelNatural / Propane

Turndown Ratio: 8:1
Input Modulation MBH19.375 – 155
AFUE Rating95% 
DOE Heating Capacity MBH142
Net AHRI Rating MBH: 123
Water Volume Gal.: 3
Input Capacity155,000 BTU/hr



Connections/ Dimension INSFS155S Instinct Solo Floor Mount

Supply / Return Connections1”
Gas Connection3/4” 
Vent & Air Connections3”
Dimensions: 22” x  41"  x  22” 
Weight (Empty): 157 Lbs
Electrical Requirements120VAC 60Hz 15A Full Load


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