Triangle Tube PA250 Prestige Solo Boiler

Triangle Tube PA250 Prestige Solo Boiler

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Triangle Tube PA250 Boiler: Efficient and Reliable Heating Solution

Discover efficient and reliable heating with the Triangle Tube PA250 Boiler, designed to meet the heating needs of residential and light commercial settings. Engineered with advanced technology and built for durability, this boiler ensures consistent comfort while optimizing energy efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. High Efficiency: The Triangle Tube PA250 Boiler achieves up to 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), maximizing energy savings and reducing heating costs.

  2. Advanced Heat Exchanger: Featuring a durable stainless steel heat exchanger, the PA250 ensures efficient heat transfer for consistent warmth and long-lasting performance.

  3. Durable Construction: Built with quality materials and components, the PA250 Boiler is designed for reliable operation and longevity.

  4. Compact Design: Ideal for space-saving installations, the PA250's compact size fits seamlessly into various environments, maximizing space utilization without compromising performance.

  5. Quiet Operation: Enjoy a peaceful environment with noise-minimizing technology that maintains comfort levels without disturbance.

  6. Intelligent Controls: Equipped with smart technology, the PA250 allows for precise temperature control and monitoring, optimizing efficiency and user convenience.

  7. Fast Heating Response: Rapid heating response ensures quick comfort and hot water availability, enhancing user satisfaction.

  8. Eco-Friendly: Engineered with eco-conscious features, the PA250 Boiler helps reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Why Choose the Triangle Tube PA250 Boiler?

  • Reliable Performance: Engineered for durability and consistent heating performance, the PA250 Boiler delivers reliable operation year-round.
  • Energy Efficiency: Achieve significant savings on heating costs with high-efficiency performance.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive controls and advanced features simplify operation, enhancing overall efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • Compact and Versatile: Compact footprint makes it suitable for various installation environments, optimizing space usage.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Reduce environmental impact with a boiler designed for sustainability.

Upgrade to the Triangle Tube PA250 Boiler today and experience efficient heating with reliable performance. Perfect for homeowners and businesses seeking an energy-efficient, dependable, and high-performance heating solution. Discover comfort and efficiency with Triangle Tube.

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Boiler Specifications: 

  • Fuel: Natural Propane 
  • Input Modulation MBH: 43.6 to 240
  • AFUE: 95%
  • DOE Heating Capacity MBH: 222
  • NET AHRI MBH: 193 
  • Water Volume content (Gal.): 4.5 
  • Turndown Ratio: 5.5:1 
  • Supply / Return Connections: 1-1/4"
  • Weight Lbs. : 140
  • Vent/Air Diameter: 3"
  • Gas Connection: 3/4"
  • Efficiency Rating of 95%
  • 60 Second Set-up
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