Receiving Order Status and Notifications

There are three ways in which you can receive notification of your order: 

  • Email 
  • SMS (text message)
  • Facebook message

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Email notification is the default way of communicating for your order details. You can opt-in to receive notifications via facebook messenger or text message. 



Enabling Facebook messenger notifications

messenger notification

You can check the box to enable the facebook notification from the checkout page. 



Enabling the SMS updates

You can subscribe to the SMS updates once you successfully complete the order. You will be shown an input field to enter your phone number. 


Email Notifications

Email confirmation: Once you place an order you will receive an email along with your order details. 

email confirmation


You will also receive an email when the order is shipped. 


Facebook Messenger Notification 

If you have checked in for messenger notification, you will receive the messages once your order is confirmed and shopped.




SMS Notifications

If you have subscribed for SMS notification, you will receive a text message once your order is shipped. 


If you have any difficulty with the process you can always contact us