How to track your order?

There are several ways you can track your order: 

  • PlumbEStore Account 
  • Email 
  • SMS 
  • Facebook Messenger

You might also want to read how to receive order status and notifications


Plumbestore Account 

You can visit your account to check the list of your orders. Then click on the order you want to track.

Order status account- plumbestore

You will be provided a link to track the shipment. We have shown an example where the product was shipped with USPS. The tracking number will be automatically filled in. 





Your email with will have a link to track your order. Click on the "View your order" button which will take you to the status page that will have the tracking id. 


Order Status page - plumbestore




If you have subscribed for text message notification you will receive a text message with the link that will have details to track your order. 




If you have subscribed to receive notifications on Facebook messenger, you will get a message that will link to track your shipment. 


In this example, if you click "TRACK SHIPMENT" you will be redirected to the USPS page with the tracking id auto-filled in. 


If you have questions, you can always contact us. It's our pleasure to serve you!