Triangle Tube Smart 60 Indirect Water Heater

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SMART 60 - The Smart Choice in Indirect Fired Water Heaters by Triangle Tube. This is a 60-gallon indirect water heater   

SMART 60 Water Heater heats more hot water with less fuel for the energy conscious consumer. This is a stainless steel indirect fired water heater. Smart 60 is Efficient and Dependable, it is heated by the hot water from your boiler. As your home is being heated, your domestic hot water is being heated at the same time, thereby, consuming less fuel and conserving energy. Smart 60 is 3 Times faster than conventional gas or electric water heaters.  

The average life span of a SMART 60 Indirect Fired Water Heater is over 20 years which is much more than the average life of a conventional gas, oil or electric water heater. It has 2" Polyurethane Foam insulation and has the Lowest pressure drop in the industry.


Performance Specifications: 

  • Boiler Output Btu/Hr : 270,000
  • 1st Hour Recovery (gal) : 410
  • Continuous Flow (gal) : 360
  • Peak/Flow (gal/10 min.) : 100



  • Boiler Supply/Return : 1 - 1/4"
  • Domestic Inlet/Outlet : 3/4"
  • Domestic Capacity (gal) : 56
  • Heating Water Capacity (gal) : 8
  • Diameter : 22"
  • Height : 66"
  • Heat Surface (Sq.ft) : 24 
  • Empty Weight (lbs) : 190

How Smart 60 Works? 
  • When the thermostat in the inner tank calls for heat, the boiler and circulator start.
  • Boiler water is circulated around the outer tank and heats the domestic water in the inner tank.
  • Then the boiler water is returned to the boiler to be reheated.
  • When the thermostat in the inner tank reaches its preset mark, the boiler and circulator shuts off.


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