SANC02 83-Gallon Heat Pump Water Heater System

SANC02 83-Gallon Heat Pump Water Heater System

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Gen5, 4.5kw/15,400 Btu/h Heat Pump Water Heater Unit w/ 83-Gal Storage Tank, CO₂ Refrigerant, 208/230V-1Ph-60Hz 15A Power Supply. (GS5-45HPC-D + SAN-83SSAQB)

GS5-45HPC-D Gen5 Heat Pump Water Heater: Efficient, Eco-Friendly, and Durable

Introducing the GS5-45HPC-D Gen5 Heat Pump Water Heater Unit, featuring a 4.5kw/15,400 Btu/h capacity with CO2 refrigerant and drain pan heater. This advanced system operates on a Modbus 208/230V-1Ph-60Hz 15A power supply, ensuring energy-efficient performance. Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty: 3 years on labor and 10 years on parts. Upgrade to the GS5-45HPC-D Gen5 for reliable hot water solutions that are eco-friendly and built to last.

Key Features:

  • Heat Pump Technology: Efficiently transfers heat to heat water, saving energy.
  • CO2 Refrigerant: Environmentally friendly option for reduced carbon footprint.
  • Drain Pan Heater: Prevents condensation buildup for enhanced durability.
  • Modbus Compatibility: Allows for easy integration and control.
  • 3-Year Labor Warranty: Coverage for labor costs in case of issues.
  • 10-Year Parts Warranty: Long-term assurance of quality and reliability.

Enhance your home's hot water efficiency with the GS5-45HPC-D Gen5 Heat Pump Water Heater. Contact us now to learn more about this advanced system and transform your water heating experience.

ECO-83SSAQB 83 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank Water Heater: High Efficiency & Enhanced Safety Features

Discover the ECO-83SSAQB 83 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank Water Heater, featuring R12 insulation and two additional thermowells for CTA-2045 & JA-13 control. This advanced unit includes an anti-scald valve and ASME-approved pressure relief valve for superior safety. With a 15-year limited lifetime warranty, this water heater ensures long-lasting performance and peace of mind. Upgrade your water heating system today with ECO-83SSAQB for efficient, safe, and durable hot water solutions.

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Tank: Provides durability and corrosion resistance.
  • R12 Insulation: Maximizes heat retention for energy efficiency.
  • Additional Thermowells: Enhances temperature control capabilities.
  • Anti-Scald Valve: Prevents hot water burns for added safety.
  • ASME-Approved Pressure Relief Valve: Ensures compliance with safety standards.
  • 15-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty: Offers long-term assurance of quality and reliability.
  • Efficient Performance: Delivers consistent hot water with minimal energy consumption.

Upgrade your home's hot water system with the ECO-83SSAQB 83 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank Water Heater. Contact us now to learn more about this reliable solution for your hot water needs and enhance your home's comfort and efficiency.

This is the new SANCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater. The innovative "SANCO2" is the first CO2-refrigerant heat pump water heater available for residential use in the North American market. The SANCO2 is a flexible 2-piece system that is easy to install.

The SANCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater features high efficiency, reliability and safety, and allows for low-temperature installation, delivering hot water to the home with a greater first-hour rating than all other heat pump water heaters. 

Formerly known as SANDEN Heat Pump Water Heater Unit.

 Residential Warranty

  • Heat Pump: 10 Years all Parts.  10 Year unit replacement warranty if any Refrigerant carrying component fails
  • Stainless Steel tanks: 15 Years, limited lifetime
  • Glass Lined Tanks: 10 Years
  • System: 3 Years Labor

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