Alt-Source 50 Gal Buffer Tank

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The perfect combination for any heat pump or geothermal hydronic heating system. AltSource is the only buffer storage tank that is also a fully integrated boiler. This tank provides home owners the comfort they need to ensure their heating demands are met 100% of the time in any weather condition. In temperatures below -30 C (-20F) the air source heat pump loses its heating power. By pairing the cold weather heat pump with the AltSource you can ensure you will always have the energy available in any temperature. Available from 4.5 Kw to 29 Kw size ranges.

The AltSource boiler is specifically designed to communicate with the Arctic Heat Pump, providing only the minimum heat output required. So when the heat pump loses performance it calls on the boiler to only provide the fraction of energy needed. This minimizes the systems energy requirements resulting in lower heating bills!

Why a buffer tank?

A buffer tank is needed with any hydronic heat pump such as our air source heat pumps as well as a geothermal hydronic heat pump. It provides the same function as a battery does in a Solar Voltaic System. By storing the thermal energy you allow the energy to be used when a demand is needed. Should the demand exceed the capacity of the heat pump then the heat pump sends a signal to the AltSource to provide back up. A buffer tank also allows the heat pump to turn on and run for longer periods as there is more mass to heat. This reduces the short cycling that can harm typical heat pumps. The AltSource is available in a 50 gallon or 70 gallon options, and comes standard with an industry leading 15 year tank warranty.

UltraSmartTM Controller

Allows the system to use just the right amount of energy when needed. It has an exterior sensor that knows what adjustments will be needed internally as the temperature drops. By programming the type of hydronic heat (radiant floor with concrete, radiant floor with wood joist, cast iron radiators, or base board hydronic heaters) the system will automatically keep the heating fluid at the optimum temperature.

Sequential Heating

While the AltSource may be equipped to provide up to 29 Kw of back up energy, the UltraSmartTM Controller only provides the minimum to keep the system optimal. In most cases the system will need no back up heat, however as the exterior temperature declines the controller will start to sequence heating elements to ensure the demand is always fully met. In this way the heat pump’s cheaper energy is fully utilized first before any secondary heating is applied.

Full Hydronic System

Full Hydronic System - not only is the AltSource a boiler system but it also manages your entire hydronic heating system. With its integrated pump control, the controller will maintain the pump operations including purge delay and other standard hydronic needs such automatic seasonal start/stop up based on outdoor temperatures. Also included is a diverter valve control feature to easily allow you to switch your heat pump to cooling mode in the summer season.

On Demand Hot Water

With the optional copper heating coil you can also utilize the AltSource as a on demand hot water tank or a pre heat tank allowing you to produce domestic hot water at ¼ of the energy cost of a traditional electric hot water tank. The 160 foot copper coil has a heat exchanger capacity of 90% allowing instantaneous hot water. By using the AltSource tank you can achieve far greater cost savings for your whole house. And with optional direct solar ports you can also supplement the tank heating with solar thermal further reducing energy cost.

Piping Installation

With 4 outputs to choose you can be assured of a clean looking installation. The large port size (1” or 1 ¼”) ensure the flow rates are not reduced minimizing the pump head requirements.

Model Volume Weight Maximum Operating Pressure Connections  Diameter Height
AltSource50 48 US Gallons 280 lbs 30 PSI 1" male NPT 22" 56 7/16"
AltSource70  71 US Gallons 380 lbs 30 PSI 1 1/4" male NPT 24" 66 5/16"


Power2   Suggested electrical input4
KW BTU/h Amps3 ELEMENTS Stages Cu Wire Al Wire Breaker
4.5 15354 19 1 x 4.5 kW 1 10 10 30
7.5 25590 31 1 x 4.5 kW + 1 x 3 kW 2 8 6 40
9 30708 38 2 x 4.5 kW 2 8 6 50
12 40944 50 2 x 6 kW 2 6 4 70
15 51180 63 2 x 3 kW + 2 x 4.5 kW 4 6 4 80
18 61416 75 4 x 4.5 kW 4 4 2 100
20 68240 83 4 x 5 kW 4 3 2 110
24 81888 100 4 x 6 kW 4 2 0 125
274 92124 113 6 x 4.5 kW 6 1 00 150
294 98948 120 2 x 4.5 kW + 4 x 5 kW 6 1 00 175
  1. Electrical supply: 120/240V or 120/208V single-phase (L1 – N – L2) with three 90°C conductors, or two conductors L1 – L2 if the boiler does not require power to a 120 VAC pump or accessories.
  2. Multiply by .75 for a 208 VAC power supply.
  3. Multiply by .867 for a 208 VAC power supply.
  4. The wire guages and breaker capacity must be in conformity with the standards of the National Electrical Code (NEC), Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) and local codes (if applicable).

*Not available with the AltSource 50.

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