Arctic Titanium Heat Pump for Swimming Pools and Spas - 040ZA/B

Arctic Titanium Heat Pump for Swimming Pools and Spas - 040ZA/B

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Chiller and Heater in one unit

While hot tub users most often reference the heating requirements, the Arctic Heat Pump is also a chiller if need. That’s right...It can heat and cool based on a simple controller selection. Ideal for hot climates that need a retreat from the hot summer heat! A cold water plunge is a must for Sauna owners. Now you can quickly change your hot tub to a cold plunge tub! Cold water therapy has many health benefits and is growing in popularity in North America as we discover what the Nordic Culture has practiced for centuries.

Excessively hot swimming pools cause problems with the chemical imbalance and can quickly become full of algae if not properly monitored. Chlorine evaporates as the water temperature rises. In areas such as California, Texas, Arizona and Florida, the hot summer temperatures can be difficult for pool owners. The Arctic Pool & Spa Heat Pumps allows owners to reduce the temperatures back down to proper levels. By Chilling your pool you can get reprieve from hot summer heat waves, when the temperature drops, the Arctic Heat Pump will switch back to heating mode.


Heating & Cooling

The Arctic 040ZA/B Heat Pumps works down to -4°F (-20°C). This air to water heat source is the most efficient cold weather heat pump on the market. Heats and cools with over 80% savings of traditional heating equipment. This unit is cable of producing up to 17.5 Kw or 59,710 BTU of heat energy. No other pool or spa heat pump on the market will outperform the Arctic 040ZA/B in colder weather. This allows you to open your pool earlier and close it later. It is also ideal for energy savings for spas and hot tubs. Working up to 104 F even in 20 F conditions! The Arctic 040ZA/B is great heat pump for most pools.

  • Heat Pump for hot tubs, spas and smaller pools or swim spas
  • Easy to install with no refrigeration mechanic needed
  • Vibration pads included
  • Drain pan and compressor low temp protection
  • Hot gas defrost
  • Drain Pan Freeze Protection for cold weather
  • TUV Rheinland certified for installation in North America
  • Three modes (heating, cooling, auto)
  • Includes Heat Pump Digital Controller
  • WiFi Remote Control Option
  • Double Rotor DC inverter Compressor
  • Operating Temperature Range -4°F (-20°C) to 113°F (45°C)
  • Spiral Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Ultra Quite DC Brushless Fan Motor
  • Sound Insulation
  • High Efficiency Fin Heat Exchanger

How it works

The Arctic Heat Pump harness the energy found in the air. By using an oversized evaporator the energy is removed and transferred to the refrigeration. A compressor compresses the gas causing its temperature to increase. The hot gas then passes through a titanium pool heat exchanger where it is transferred directly to the pool or spa water. In cooling mode the unit reverses direction and chills the pool water by removing the heat from the titanium heat exchanger and discharging it out the evaporator.

The unit consumes electricity at a rate of only 1/3 to 1/5 of the heating capacity that it produces. The result is energy savings as high as 80% compared to traditional electric or gas pool or spa heaters. Built in hot gas defrost and drain pan/compressor freeze protection for cold weather performance.

  • 1.5" water connections
  • Max Amps 17.3
  • 220-240 VAC
  • Output 17.5 Kw (59,710 BTU)
  • Weight 256 LBS (116 Kg)
  • Flow rate 17.20 GPM (pool pump sold separately)
  • 47" long x 21" wide x 38" tall
  • 1 year parts warranty - 2 year compressor warranty (Extended Warranty Available)


 Model  ARCTIC 25ZA/B 040ZA/B 060ZA/B
 Power Supply V/PH/Hz 220/1/50 (60) 220/1/50 (60) 220/1/50 (60)
Heating Capacity
kW 2.75~11 4.38~17.5 6.45~25.8
BTU/h 9383~37532 14928~59710 22007~88030
COP Ranger W/W 3.6~13 3.6~13 3.6~13
Heating Capacity (1) kW 11.0 17.5 25.8
BTU/h 37532 59710 88030
COP (1)  A:30/W:28 W/W 6.2 6.2 6.2
Input Power (1) kW 1.77 2.82 4.16
Input Current (1) A 8.1 12.8 18.9
Heating Capacity (2) kW 11.0 17.5 25.8
BTU/h 37532 59710 88030
COP (2)  A:24/W:28 W/W 5.60 5.60 5.60
Input Power (2) kW 1.96 3.13 4.61
Input Current (2) A 8.9 14.2 20.9
Heating Capacity (3) kW 11.0 17.5 25.8
BTU/h 37532 59710 88030
COP (3)  A:15/W:28 W/W 4.8 4.8 4.8
Input Power (3)  kW 2.29 3.65 5.38
Input Current (3) A 10.4 16.6 24.4
Heating Capacity (4) kW 10.0 16.7 23.5
BTU/h 34120 56980 80182
COP (4)  A:7/W:28 W/W 4.2 4.2 4.2
Input Power (4) kW 2.38 3.98 5.60
Input Current (4) A 10.8 18.1 25.4
Heating Capacity (5) kW 9.2 14.4 21.0
BTU/h 31390 49133 71652
COP (5)  A:0/W:28 W/W 3.72 3.72 3.72
Input Power (5) kW 2.47 3.87 5.65
Input Current (5) A 11.2 17.6 25.7
Heating Capacity (6) kW 7.5 12.0 18.0
BTU/h 25590 40944 61416
COP (6)  A:-7/W:28 W/W 3.16 3.16 3.16
Input Power (6) kW 2.37 3.80 5.70
Input Current (6) A 10.8 17.3 25.9
 Compressor   TWIN Rotary TWIN Rotary TWIN Rotary
 Compressor Qty   1 1 1
 Fan Qty   1 1 1
 Noise dB(A) 52 54 54
 Water Outlet/Water Inlet inch 1–1/2" 1–1/2" 1–1/2"
 Water Flow Volume GPM 11.30 17.20 27.10
 Water Pressure Drop PSI 2.2 2.2 2.3
 Fan Direction   horizontal horizontal horizontal
 Refrigerant Type   R410A R410A R410A
 Unit Net Dimensions (L/M/H) mm 1115/470/700 1115/470/945 1195/470/1285
 Unit Shipping Dimensions (L/M/H) mm 1205/525/725 1205/525/975 1285/525/1315
 Net Weight kg 90 108 121
 Shipping Weight kg 96 116 131


We feel that being honest is a much better policy to win your trust rather than trying to lure you with nearly impossible statements such as lifetime warranty. Nothing lasts forever! Our warranty policy is simple; we offer a 1 year warranty on all parts and a 2 year warranty on the compressor. With this warranty you will get NO hassle next business day replacement (if shipping service and inventory permits). However, as a valued customer you will get technical support through the lifetime ownership of your product. Our Heat Pump warranty cover failures that occur during normal operational conditions or manufactures defects. It does not cover failure due to inappropriate operation such as incorrect installation or physical damage.

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Disclaimer: Must be installed by a licensed contractor or warranty is void.


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