Eco-King 132 Stainless Steel Single Coil Tank

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Eco-Kings 132 US gallon Stainless Steel Coil Tank features superior corrosion resistance when compared to other major competitor tanks. Peace of mind with a great 7 year commercial warranty. A large diameter long length coil to ensure high domestic hot water production with temperature sensor for easy boiler control. Outstanding R18 insulation made from spray foam (not Styrofoam) with only half a degree per hour heat loss. 


Performance Specifications:

Capacity L/usg: 500/132
Heat Exchange Surface ft^2: 25.83
Power in BTU: 310492
D.H.W Production (Δt 35°C)**: 589
Heating time(Δt 35°C/95°F)** minutes: 14
Heat Loss 65°C BTU/24h: 11259
Primary Coil Flow Rate usg/h: 793
Flow Resistance psi: 3.4
Coil Volume usg: 4.6
First Hour Rating***usg: N/A 
Max. op temp °C / °F : 95/203
Max. op pressure psi: 145 
Coil Diam in: 1 1/4"
KW/WW: 2"
Z in: 1"
PR/PV in: 1"
T&P fitting in: 3/4"
Weight (Empty): 242 lbs
A in: 29.72
B in: 30.87
C in: 70.15
D in: 15.24
G in: 9.88
H in: 34.49
L/O in: 59.09
M in: 14.21
N in: 44.92


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Disclaimer: Must be installed by a licensed contractor or warranty is void.


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