Lawler 1/2" Piped Thermometer Ball Valve Dual Out Shower Valve 85004

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The Lawler Series 4000® Type T Shower Mixing Valve contains a highly sensitive thermostatic element that automatically responds to temperature and pressure variations by precisely proportioning water flow to maintain a constant outlet temperature, providing safe and comfortable showering. The Series 4000® features a thermostatically operated valve which protects against scalding and chilling. Lawler’s Series 4000® exposed valve body is designed with a flat wall mounting flange so the valve can be easily mounted onto a shower wall, spa tub, or cabinet assembly. The Series 4000® is available in many styles and combinations to meet field requirements in the temperature control of water, offering maximum convenience and flexibility.

Exposed mixing valve shall be of the thermostatic type with liquid-filled motor. It shall have lead free brass body construction with replaceable corrosion-resistant components. Valve construction shall employ a sliding piston control mechanism. Piston and liner shall be of stainless steel material. Piped and cabinet assemblies which have a down stream shut-off device shall include union end stop and check valves with removable strainer on each inlet.

Includes 0-200° F dial thermometer, shut-off valve and vacuum breaker on tempered water outlet.

Unit is completely assembled as shown.

Units specified as polished chrome shall be polished chrome on all external surfaces. ADA compliant

Series: 4000
Model: 4205/4210
Configuration: Piped Thermometer Ball Valve Dual Out
Engineering Number: 85004
Application: Shower
Connection Type: NPT
Inlet Connection Size: 1/2"
Outlet Connection Size: 1/2"
Min Flow: 1/2 GPM
Min Flow With Recirculation: N/A
Rated Flow at 10 PSI: 3-1/2 GPM
Rated Flow at 45 PSI: 10 GPM
Temperature Range100°F – 150°F, 50°F – 100°F, 85°F – 135°F
Finish: Polished Chrome 85004-04, Rough Bronze 85004-03


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