Lawler 86008-05 Series 802 High-Low Mixing Valve With Thermometer & Shutoff

Lawler 86008-05 Series 802 High-Low Mixing Valve With Thermometer & Shutoff

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Lawler 802 Mixing Valve with Thermometer and Shutoff Valve: Reliable Water Temperature Control

Experience precise water temperature control with the Lawler 802 Mixing Valve, featuring a built-in thermometer and shutoff valve. Ideal for residential and commercial applications, this valve ensures safety and efficiency by blending hot and cold water to desired levels, preventing scalding and optimizing comfort. Upgrade to the Lawler 802 Mixing Valve today for dependable performance and peace of mind in water temperature regulation.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Thermometer: Allows convenient monitoring of water temperature for safety and comfort.
  • Shutoff Valve: Enhances control over water flow, facilitating precise adjustments.
  • Scald Prevention: Safeguards against hot water burns with accurate temperature regulation.
  • Durable Construction: High-quality materials ensure durability and reliability.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various settings including bathrooms, kitchens, and commercial facilities.

Ensure safety and comfort with the Lawler 802 Mixing Valve. Perfect for those seeking reliable, efficient water temperature control solutions. Contact us now to learn more and upgrade your plumbing system with Lawler's trusted technology.

Genuine Lawler 86008-05 Series 802 High-Low Mixing Valve with Thermometer & Shutoff.

The 802 High-Low Thermostatic Mixing Valve provides tempered water over a wide range of flows in a single valve unit. Ideally suited for institutional and commercial applications such as group showers, schools, hotels, hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes. The 802 will provide from 2 to 80 gpm @ 45 psi (1/2 gpm when properly installed in a recirculated system). This valve provides three-way protection from scalding upon: 1) failure of the thermostat, 2) shut-off of hot water, or 3) shut-off of cold water. This one piece, single body valve contains a liquid filled thermostat, a stainless steel piston and liner, and is ASSE 1017 and CSA B125.3 approved. It is available with stop & checks, thermometer, shut-offs, cabinet assemblies, and a choice of rough bronze or white chrome finish. This single valve is easier to install, easier to maintain and more cost efficient than multi-valve systems on the market. 


Series: 800
Valve: 802
Configuration: Standard
Application: Master Controller
Certification/s: ASSE 1017, CSA B125.3, Lead Free
Connection Type: NPT
Inlet Connection Size: 1"
Outlet Connection Size: 1-1/4"
Min Flow: 2 GPM
Min Flow with Recirculation: 1/2 GPM"  
Rated Flow at 10 PSI: 39 GPM"  
Rated Flow at 45 PSI: 80 GPM"  
Temperature Range: 110°F – 140°F, 70°F – 100°F, 90°F – 120°F
Weight: 23 lbs
Part Number: 86008-05


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