Lawler 86306 Cabinet With 804 High-Low Mixing Valves

Lawler 86306 Cabinet With 804 High-Low Mixing Valves

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Lawler's 86306 Cabinet with 804 High-Low Thermostatic Mixing Valve provides tempered water over a wide range of flows in a single valve unit. Ideally suited for institutional and commercial applications such as group showers, schools, hotels, hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes. The 804 will provide from 4 to 150 gpm @ 45 psi (1/2 gpm when properly installed in a recirculated system). This valve provides three-way protection from scalding upon: 1) failure of the thermostat, 2) shut-off of hot water, or 3) shut-off of cold water. This one piece, single body valve contains a liquid filled thermostat, a stainless steel piston and liner, and is ASSE 1017 and CSA B125.3 approved. This single valve is easier to install, easier to maintain and more cost efficient than multi-valve systems on the market.


Series: 800
Valve: 804
Configuration: Standard
Application: Master Controller
Certification/s: ASSE 1017, CSA B125.3, Lead Free
Connection Type: NPT
Inlet Connection Size: 1-1/2"
Outlet Connection Size: 2"
Min Flow: 4 GPM
Min Flow with Recirculation: 1/2 GPM"  
Rated Flow at 10 PSI: 72 GPM"  
Rated Flow at 45 PSI: 150 GPM"  
Temperature Range: 90°F – 120°F
Weight: 128 lbs
Part Number: 86306


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