North Star Acid Neutralizer Filter NSANSAA

North Star Acid Neutralizer Filter NSANSAA

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How It Works:

  • Neutralize acid water conditions
  • Controls the etching and blue-green stains on fixtures, glasses, etc.
  • The neutralizing tank filter contains an acid neutralizing media that slowly dissolves as the water passes through it, raising the pH of the water toward neutral (or 7 on the pH scale.)
  • You must periodically add new media to the tank. The frequency of adding the media depends on the severity of the problem and the water use.


• Neutralizer tank filter

• Contains an acid neutralizing compound that slowly dissolves as the water passes through it, raising pH of water toward neutral (or 7 oh the pH scale)

• Corrects pH levels between 6-6.8

• Must periodically add new compound to the tank

• Clean and easy-to-use

• Large 1" connection

• High flow rate: 12 gpm

• Self-flushing

• Suitable for most homes


Part Number: 7263146
House Hold Size: All
Nominal Mineral Tank Size: 10" x 47"
Supply Water pH Limitation Level: 6-6.8
Mineral Type: Neutralite/Magnesium Oxide
Amount of Mineral: 1 cu. ft.
Amount of Filter Sand: 10 lbs.
Amount of Gravel Base: 17 lbs.
Inlet Water Pressure Limits: 25-125 PSI
Max Water Temperature: 120◦F
Min. Inlet Water Flow: 270 gal/hour 
Pipe Size: 1" 
Electrical Rating: 24V 60 Hz
Service Flow Rates: 12 gpm @10 psi pressure drop
Backwash Flow Rate: 5 gpm
Type of Backwash Process: Automatic


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Disclaimer: Must be installed by a licensed contractor or warranty is void.


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