North Star OH2-Iron Filter NSAIV10

North Star OH2-Iron Filter NSAIV10

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  • Removes up to 10 ppm of clear or red iron


• No bleach, no potassium permanganate, no chemicals

• Naturally aspirated air used to oxidize contaminants, zeolite media filters contaminants out and backwashes them to the drain

• No pumps, air is aspirated into system after the backwash cycle

• One inch plumbing connections

• Easy-to-use 24-volt controller — just plug transformer into wall outlet

• Full one-inch diameter riser tube — for increased flow rate

• Multi-wrapTM fiberglass reinforced resin tank

• Multi-cycle valve with easy-clamp ring and patented coated disc

• Zeolite with washed quartz under bedding

• Includes bypass valve and installation kit


Part Number: 7336127
House Hold Size: All
Nominal Mineral Tank Size: 10" x 47"
Mineral Type: Zeolite
Amount of Mineral: 1 cu. ft.
Amount of Gravel Base (Quartz): 15 lbs.
Contaminant Removal Limitations: Up to 10 ppm Iron
Max Water Pressure: 80 PSI
Water Temperature Limits: 40-120◦F
Flow Rate: 7-10 gpm
Backwash Flow Rate: 7 gpm
Electrical Rating: 24V 60 Hz
Backwash Flow Rate: 7 gpm
Type of Backwash Process: Automatic 


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