SANC02 GS5-45HPC-D Heat Pump

SANC02 GS5-45HPC-D Heat Pump

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This is the new SANCO2 Heat Pump. The innovative "SANCO2" is the first CO2-refrigerant heat pump available for residential use in the North American market. The SANCO2 is a flexible 2-piece system that is easy to install.

The SANCO2 Heat Pump features high efficiency, reliability and safety, and allows for low-temperature installation, delivering hot water to the home with a greater first-hour rating than all other heat pump water heaters.

As a highly energy-efficient alternative to the traditional electric or gas water heater, this unique system saves money, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and eliminates the production of carbon monoxide.

The SANCO2 heat pump water heater system consists of two parts. The heat pump unit, where the hot water is produced, using the CO2 refrigerant to extract heat from the ambient air, and the 43, 83 and 119 gallon storage tank. 

 Residential Warranty

  • Heat Pump: 10 Years all Parts.  10 Year unit replacement warranty if any Refrigerant carrying component fails
  • Stainless Steel tanks: 15 Years, limited lifetime
  • Glass Lined Tanks: 10 Years
  • System: 3 Years Labor

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