Stingray T2210 Floor Mounted Eye Wash Fixture Standard - Tepid to the Core

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The T2210/T2215 emergency eyewash station is a floor mounted unit that includes an integrated mixing valve so that the plumbing can be run directly to the unit. The eyewash shall be manufactured of corrosion resistant materials. The manifold assembly shall be nickelplated brass unit with machined ½" connections with check valves for hot and cold water inlet connections and 1" NPT female connection for drain piping. It shall include a centrally located activator with universal ANSI compliant sign.
The manifold shall include an integral Emergency Eye/Face Wash Mixing Valve that shall control outlet temperature over a wide range of flow and shall be suitable for single eyewash or face/face wash applications in order to comply with the latest ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 requirements. Temperature adjustment shall be vandal resistant.
The control mechanism shall employ a liquid-filled thermostatic motor to drive the valve without additional power requirements. The control mechanism shall employ a stainless steel sliding piston control device with reverse seat closure and both fixed and variable cold-water bypass.
In the event of interruption of the cold water supply, the control mechanism closes off the hot water port, stopping all flow (POSITIVE HOT WATER SHUTOFF). In the event of interruption of the hot water supply, the control mechanism shall allow cold flow through both the fixed and variable bypass. In the event that the liquid motor fails, the control mechanism closes off the hot water port with the reverse seat and fully opens the internal variable bypass to allow cold-water flow.
The bowl assembly shall include a First Aid Red ABS bowl (or stainless steel bowl). The spray heads shall be PVC with dust caps and designed to flow at the specified flow rate. The spray heads shall be incorporated into a Quick Switch Eyewash Block that can be easily removed and serviced, allowing the supply piping to be flushed. The Quick Switch Eyewash Block (with optional integral point of use filters) shall be a single supply source eyewash to ensure symmetrical and equal flow through each spray head. The eyewash will come complete with nickel-plated inlet pipe, base plate and standpipe. The standpipe shall be galvanized steel (or epoxy coated or stainless steel). The eyewash shall be installed at the correct elevation per ANSI/ISEA Z358.1, be level and be self-draining to hinder bacteria growth. The eyewash shall also be independently certified to meet the latest ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 requirements.
As an eyewash, this unit will have a regulated flow rate of less than 3 gpm measured at 30 psi.
  • ASSE1071 Thermostatic Emergency Mixing Valve integrated into the CORE of the eyewash system
  • Thermostatic control at the fixture
  • Eliminates the need to specify or install separate mixing valve
  • Floor Mounted Tepid to the Core Eyewash Station provides universal access and saves space
  • ABS bowl resists chemicals; “First Aid Red” provides high visibility
  • Stainless Steel bowl option (See Data Sheet)
  • Self-draining eyewash block reduces bacteria growth
  • Dust covers protect eyewash block when not in use
  • Centrally located activator is easy to find if sight is impaired
  • Nickel plated stay-open ball valve ensures uninterrupted flow
  • Integral spray diverter equalizes flow to each spray head
  • Choice of epoxy, galvanized, or stainless steel piping
  • ANSI-compliant signage included with each unit

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