Vents TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50-2 Ductless Energy Recovery Ventilator

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The Twinfresh Comfo RA1-50-2 is one of our top-selling Ductless ERVs, and it's no surprise why. This fantastic ventilation system is designed to make your indoor air quality outstanding, whether you're working on a retrofit or a new build, and the best part? No need for complex and costly duct installations!

The Comfo RA1-50-2 brings fresh, clean air to rooms up to 500 sq ft, boasting an impressive efficiency rate of up to 88%. What's even better is how quietly it operates, with a sones rating of just 0.2 to 0.5 (@10ft), depending on the output. Plus, it comes with a handy remote control so you can easily adjust modes on the fly. Maximum output of 30CFM in ventilation mode. Minimum Wall thickness of 4 3/4" needed for installation. (maximum 18"). ETL Certified.


  • Up to 30 CFM (ventilation Mode)
  • Recovery Efficiency up to 88 %
  • Reversible DC motors
  • Wireless remote control included
  • MERV 5 filtration
  • Rated for continuous operation
  • Frost- and condensate-free

Twinfresh Comfo RA1-50-2

Sones  0.2 to 0.5 @10ft
Voltage 120V
Frequency 60Hz
Power 4.5/7 watts
Current 0.045/0.076A
Transported air temp. From -4 up to 104°F
Air flow in ventilation mode 12-30 CFM (fan speed selection)
Air flow in regeneration mode 6-15 CFM (fan speed selection)
ARE @32°F 88 %


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