Viqua K+ UV System 80 GPM 110V 60Hz 2" MNPT

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The Viqua K Plus Ultraviolet (UV) water purification and disinfection system reduces harmful contaminants such as bacteria, virus and microorganisms from water, ensuring safe water. Drink confidently with Viqua's quality and reliability from its high-output water purification system, the Viqua K Plus Light Commercial UV System.


  • Type 316 stainless steel reactor
  • Controller offers intuitive interface w/ alarm mute button, new lamp button
  • Plus Series also features a UV intensity monitor with a diagnostic test.
  • System delivers a 30 mJ/cm dose at end of lamp life
  • Cool Touch fan reduces elevated water temperatures
  • LP HO amalgam based UV lamp has a 2 year life
  • Color coded plug and play connections
  • Easy to read LED indicators for:
  • Lamp age
  • Lamp operation
  • Ballast operation
  • Solenoid operation
  • Fan operation
  • Sensor reading

Flow Rates (@ 95% UVT):

US Public Health (16 mJ/cm2): 120 GPM

VIQUA Standard (30 mJ/cm2): 80 GPM

NSF/EPA (40 mJ/cm2): 60 GPM

Voltage: 110V OR 220V


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Disclaimer: Must be installed by a licensed contractor or warranty is void.


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