7 ways to save money by taking care of plumbing systems

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Do you rush to call your plumber when your sink is clogged but do not think about your drains unless there is a problem? If you answered Yes, then you must read these maintenance tips on how to take care of plumbing systems. If you answered No, then you might still want to continue reading because these simple tips can prolong the life of your plumbing system (pipes, drains) and avoid costly repairs, thus saving your money.


Do not pour the cooking oil down the drain

do not throw oil in drains- plumbing maintenance

Charity begins at home. Likewise, your responsibility for the maintenance of your pipes and drains begins in your kitchen. The simplest thing you can do is to avoid pouring hot cooking oil and grease down the drain. After you have finished frying your bacon or cooking Fried chicken KFC style, do not throw the leftover extra oil into the drain.

Even small amount of oil dumped into the sink can build up over the years. This can severely damage your pipes and drainage systems in long run. A simple solution is to wait for the hot oil to cool and then throw it in the trash.



Use Water Softeners

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If you get hard water, i.e. if your water has a high content of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, it can significantly shorten the life of your plumbing systems and drains. Roughly 85 percent of people in North America are supplied with hard water. Hard water causes the minerals to deposit and build up in your pipes and blocks the supply of water. This shortens your pipes lifespan. These damages can be prevented by using a water softener.

Water Softener converts the hard water into soft water and eliminates those minerals that harm your pipelines. Aside from that, it also maintains your system clean being able to last longer and avoid those recurring repairs.

North Star 40 Ultra Demand Cabinet Water Softener is one such water softener with High Flow Valve For medium households.



Do not use chemicals for cleaning drains

Avoid using chemical agents or chemical drain-cleaning products. Using chemical agents can erode the cast-iron pipelines thereby causing more harm than good. Repeated use can also damage your pipes. They also do not remove the entire clog from the drains and the drain clogging problem is most likely to reappear. You can instead use a homemade alternative that is both safe and effective.



Insulate pipes before winter

insulate pipes- plumbing maintenance
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It is a good solution to wrap all the water pipes in unheated areas before the winter arrives. pipes are more susceptible to freezing damage when temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Pipe insulation provides the first line of defense against cold temperatures and frozen pipes. You can use insulation tubes made of polyethylene or fiberglass to wrap the pipes.



Avoid flushing items that will clog your pipes

A good plumbing maintenance tip is to avoid flushing napkins, paper towels, trash, medications, and other items down the toilet. You should flush only toilet paper to prevent pipes from getting clogged. This is also one of the simplest and easiest ways to maintain the pipes and drainage system and avoiding repairs.



Use strainer for sink

You can use strainers for the sink to prevent unwanted debris flowing down your sink. This will help to prevent and keep food particles or food scraps out of your kitchen drains. Using a strainer in your bathroom sink will prevent hair going down your bathroom drains. This will avoid clogging your drains.



Fix the leaks ASAP

Even small leaks can make pipes corrode quickly and cause damage. As a result, it is necessary to fix the leaks as soon as possible. Cracks or exposed water pipes can quickly freeze if exposed to cold winds, so it is necessary to seal the cracks in the pipes.


What did you think of these plumbing maintenance tips? Or do you know other plumbing maintenance ideas? Share your experiences and ideas in the comments below. 

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