Lawler High Temp Audio-Visual Alarm System AVAS 8647-02

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Lawler Model AVAS High Temperature Audio-Visual
Alarm System is designed to monitor and provide
audible and visible alert in the event of hot water
temperatures exceeding set point thresholds.
Programmable electronic module features three
operational modes: normal valve operation, caution
(alert), and alarm (shutdown) default setting at
120°F (49°C). Set point range is 40°F - 149°F
(4.5°C - 65°C).

When specified with optional solenoid valve, the
system, when in alarm mode, will provide complete
emergency shutdown of water flow. System to
include key access programmable electronic module,
gray 7-1/8 H x 7-1/8" polycarbonate enclosure,
temperature probe with 5′ of cable and (2) system
operation keys.


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