6725 Thermostatic & Pressure Balanced

6725 Thermostatic & Pressure Balanced

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Lawler’s Model 67® is a single solution for specifiers who want Lawler’s exclusive Three-Way Protection™ in a small capacity master controller featuring separate Thermostatic and Pressure Balance chambers. This rare combination of performance specs makes the Model 67® a “true” Type T/P valve, regulating temperatures within 1.5 GPM. The 67® helps engineers “right-size” the valve for low-to-mid range applications (½-25 GPM) without sacrificing performance. With Three-Way Protection™, the small master controller Model 67® delivers protection against runaway temperatures, thermal shock, or scalding should the thermostat, hot or cold water supply fail. That means Model 67®, like every Lawler master controller, not only meets, but exceeds the ASSE 1017 standard.


Series: 67
Model: 6725
Configuration: Standard
Application: Master Controller
Connection Type: NPT
Inlet Connection Size: 3/4"
Outlet Connection Size: 3/4"
Min Flow: 1 GPM
Min Flow with Recirculation: 1/4 GPM"  
Rated Flow at 10 PSI: 10 GPM"  
Rated Flow at 45 PSI: 25 GPM"  
Temperature Range: 100°F – 150°F, 50°F – 100°F, 85°F – 135°F
Weight: 9 lbs
Part Number: 72956-00


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Disclaimer: It is recommended that the item must be installed by a licensed contractor for safety.


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